Stellar mac data recovery software reviews

When you proceed to switch for something unusual, you never tried before. Several things comes in mind. Is it worth? Should I go for it? Read this article to get acknowledge yourself for making a better choice in order to go for preferring appropriate tool for recovery of lost files or data.

Let’s begin with some historical aspects about software, Stellar is one of the leading company for rendering data recovery services and solutions since 1993. This software hand over users 100% risk free data retrieval. It has around 2 million satisfied clients in Europe, USA and India. The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified. It has also been honored as best CIO CHOICE for offering best data recovery solution.

Stellar Mac data Recovery is very flexible and competent software that works on recovery of all your lost or corrupted/deleted files from all types of electronic devices. Even, using this one, you can perform recovery of lost or deleted photos, videos and other multimedia files. It can easily retrieve data from hard drive of computer and other storage device such as external hard drives, memory cards, USB drives etc. It also support different file format like HFS, FAT, HSA+, ExFAT and NTFS. Although, this tool is design in very simple manner but when it comes upon capability, it is highly efficient in restoring lost data and files without any mess up of data. Its algorithm is made under guidance of professional experts with easily recognizable methods and steps. This software is comprised of all essential features which helps in recovery of data quickly without any hassle. It supports both Windows and Mac operating system.


Stellar mac data recovery software reviews –

  • Interface – Stellar Mac Data recovery software is one of the amazing tool which easily navigate. It doesn’t acquires lots of efforts from user. It is very flexible as you just need to follow few simple steps to perform recovery of lost or corrupted/deleted files.
  • Speed – This software takes time to work effectively. Though its program is running in the background without any issue. Relative to the size of drive, it may take one or two hours to sort out deleted files. You may also makes software run faster by switching to Advance Scan mode if you know the type of file you want to recover.
  • Data Recovery – Stellar Mac data recovery performs retrieval of data having file format – DOC, DOCX, XLSX, PDF and TXT. It recovers lost or corrupted/deleted data with great ease. On the basis of researches, it has been found that average recovery rate of data in lost file is 76% and in case of reformatted drive is 97%. So, this one is the best result reviewed.
  • Photo Recovery – This software is an excellent on when it comes to recover lost or corrupted photos. Its retrieval rate is 99% in lost file test. Further, it puts an intense recovery rate in reformatted drive test.
  • Video & Music Recovery¬†– Stellar Mac Data Recovery performance is also amazing when it comes to video and music recovery. On average, 92 percent of the media files easily recover in case of the lost file tests. It also having tendency to recover music files rather full songs. The retrieval rate of video and music files during the reformatted drive test is about to 91 percent and in music files it is only 67 percent.
  • Ease of Use-¬†Stellar Mac Data Recovery software works wonderful and recover files with original names. This software received grade A in ease of use for installation, scan and recovery stages. It means that you can easily use this software for performing installation and scanning of hard drive within few minutes. Even, its not an issue to use if you are newbie computer user. A huge bug regarding Stellar Mac Data Recovery software is the scanning and recovery speed. With average speed, it perform scanning of HDD at a rate of 5.73 GB per hour and SSD at rate of 10.3 GB per hour. Once scan process gets completed, it can retrieve data on HDD at rate of 17.96 GB per hour and on SSD at rate of 58.3 GB per hour. As if you are performing recovery of data on 1 TB HDD drive, the scanning process takes about one week and the recovery takes over 4 days.
  • Help & Support –¬†The support team of Stellar Mac Data Recovery software is very complementary. You can simply call on the given phone number in accordance with the need of talk to experts. It is available in your service 24 hours. Here is an live chat option for your convenience, which is one is best for an instant answer of any simple query regarding software.


Stellar Mac Data Recovery Software is one of the popular recovery software for Mac users. You can use this software in both case either loss or formatted drive. For your satisfaction, you can first of all try its trial version. Once you find this software appropriate, you can buy its full version from official site.


Adriano Aurelio – Recently, I had deleted some of my important files accidentally from hard drive including photos, audios, videos etc. To be fairly, I just prefer Stellar Mac data recovery software to recover all deleted photos without any distortion. Even, it requires very less effort in order to retrieve back lost or corrupted files.

Tessie Corrin – Hi guys, Nearly 1 week ago, while I was deleting unwanted data or files from my system, I had also deleted some important one also. Unluckily, I had emptied trash also. Then I search online tools to recover loss or corrupted data. Thanks to stellar Mac data recovery software using that i retrieve my lost data easily.